Student Spotlight - July 2022 | Kathryn Day

20 July 2022

Our student Highlight for July is Kathryn Day! Kath has been a regular at out Wednesday evening FitSteps classes for a long time now, she also attends the ballet-based Barre Fit on a Thursday evening. We asked her some questions about her experience with us and why she loves to dance.

What made you start FitSteps at the Regency?

I had tried other styles of dancing and fitness and I wanted to try something different. 

What do you enjoy about FitSteps?

I enjoy learning all the different styles and meeting new people who attend classes

What do you like about the Regency?

It is a beautiful building with a spacious fab floor, but most importantly the people are so friendly and fun

Do you have a favourite dance, what is it and why?

I love lots of different styles but have always been drawn to the Paso I love the drama and storytelling as well as the strong powerful moves

Do you have any favourite songs to dance to?

I suppose it would have to be songs from musicals although I do love all types of music from classical to rock and pop

Have you attended any of the Regency events?

I’ve been to a couple of barn dances, which are very fun, and anyone can get up and dance at. I’ve been to a burlesque night, and I have helped behind the bar on a couple of competitions, which is great as you get to watch all the dancers dressed up fighting it out on the floor.

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting dancing or Fitsteps?

Go for it! It’s fun a way of keeping fit, meeting new people and making friends

Go for it! 

Thank you to Kathryn for taking the time to talk to us! If you would like to join our FitSteps class, they currently run every Wedensday evening between 7pm. 7:50pm. The first class is free for new students so don't hesitate to give it a go! 

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